Ask Marble Hornettes Tina
HELOOOOO THERE TINA!!! Thank YOU for following my blog!! U made my morning (I woke up to c some new followers) and aaaaahhhhh... What can I say I'm CRAZY! But in the meantime I'm gunna love to c your posts :D all I really ask is if u can tell gender bent Jeff hi from one of his admirers and my best friend says HEY!!(she crushes on masky)


((Sorry… not sorry.))

what would happen if you met trosephim


((This took way longer than it should have because I tried to put Trosephim in it too and the whole thing looked crap >_< had to do it again. So sorry it’s so messy, I’m kinda used to trying to use a stupid mac which doesn’t like to behave when editing images is concerned.))


petition to start doing this at MH con panels like the 3 finger salute from the hunger games



((I was supposed to be catching up on Welcome To Night Vale this morning and instead I’m trying to recover from Marble Hornets feels. Fuck.))


((ENTRY 84.
That was a more important entry than I expected o_o))

((According to my brother’s girlfriend, she and my brother are finally giving Marble Hornets a slow but sure try.
I told her to prepare for chaos later.))

((I haven’t been online in weeks I’m so sorry D:

Not only have I been distracted by uni work and new fandoms (Woooooop Steam Powered Giraffe!) but I’ve kinda been battling a lot of stress and depressed feelings. Nothing mega serious I think, but uni is so hard at the moment I’m having to take advantage of whatever free time I have >_< but I’m still trying to finish ask responses! Just holy crap drawing Trosephim with the girls is harder than I thought. People sending me asks now might expect a massive boost in activity over the summer where I’ll have plenty of freedom.
It’ll get done eventually I swear, and I really must thank everyone who continues to follow me. You’re all really awesome okay?
That is all.))



((Oh my god I need to get on my laptop to see this, could it be the greek anons are finally back?!))

((I’m confused now, pretty sure this is the same one I looked at ages ago.))


((Oh my god I need to get on my laptop to see this, could it be the greek anons are finally back?!))

((youareyoubutwhoareyou replied to your post:((Who here can tell me how tall Jay and Alex are?…

Joseph is around 6’1” I think, and Troy is around the same height as Tim, slightly taller I think

Thank you! :D You just saved part of my sanity XD))

((Who here can tell me how tall Jay and Alex are? I know about Tim now but that’s completely messed up this picture so now I have to know or this ask is never getting answered >_< ))

((Okay I believe you guys who say that Hoody is alive. The fall wasn’t quite as high as I originally thought it was, and in fact I swear it creates the illusion from above of it being way higher, but chances are he’s just broken one or both legs like many theorised.

#HOODY LIVES or whatever.))

((It’s funny tho because since it well and truly lived up to its name, entry 83 will forever be known as The Doozy.))